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Celebrities From Vancouver

vancouver-movie-setOver the past few decades, Vancouver has become an increasingly popular spot for new films to be made. This is because the city has done an excellent job of marketing itself as a top film destination, providing support and affordable locations for many companies. Naturally, this means that production companies have also been discovering talent that is located throughout the city. There are many celebrities that were born in Vancouver and have gotten their start here as well. Thought they may have moved on to other locations, many of these celebrities in Vancouver have not forgotten their roots in the town that brought them to stardom.

Some of the earliest celebrities from Vancouver included some notably musicians, so the town has cultivated a reputation for this. There are some celebrities from Vancouver that include Grimes, Elise Estrada and Matthew Good. Even Tommy Chong got his start in the area as a musician, before his film and acting career took off soon after. The community is well known for its tolerant and open-minded nature. This creates the perfect environment for fostering creative talent, which is a must if people are going to become talented musicians. This can help many people get the support that they need if they want to expand their talents to other fields as well. Read more →

Best Restaurants found in Vancouver, BC

vancouver-by-nightVancouver, British Columbia, better known to the rest of the world as simply Vancouver, Canada, named after Captain George Vancouverand founded in 1886 has always had a rich history. There are beautiful places to live all over the world, but Vancouver, British Columbia has been voted one of the best places to live in the world.

Vancouver, Canada has always been rich in culinary arts, as it is home to the Art Institute of Vancouver, and the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts which trains students from all over the world who are aspiring to be great chefs. Vancouver has been known to produce some pretty impressive chefs, and those chefs have gone on to work in some of the best restaurants in Vancouver. Along with having a dynamic culinary training background, Vancouver is extremely proud to be home to some of the best restaurants in the world, with an estimated nine-million tourists a year, having great food is essential. When visiting Vancouver, rather it is for business or pleasure, one thing you cannot pass by is the vast selection of some of the best restaurants found in the Country, if not the entire world. Read more →

La Swiss Pacific in Vancouver – Celebrity Watch Bling-Bling

james-bond-watchSociety’s elite often like to display their success and glamor with fine jewelry. Celebrities in the entertainment industry especially like to spend a lot of money on their appearances for obvious reasons. The most definitive piece of jewelry for many of the rich and famous is the wristwatch. Celebrities with expensive watches are often seen flashing various styles in photo shoots, awards shows, and any other media of the celebrity which may gain public exposure. Celebrities with expensive watches often set the latest trends on what types of watches are considered stylish.

High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale purchased a stylish gold Rolex with a price tag of $7,188. Now that she is a mature adult, Ashley is seeking a more grown-up look than the teenaged roles she played in the past, and this beautiful watch is a fine accessory to help achieve that goal. With her continued success in high-paying entertainment jobs, there is no reason to believe that Ashley Tisdale will lose her taste for expensive watches anytime soon.

James Bond star Daniel Craig has also been spotted wearing Rolex watches. His seventh documented Rolex purchase is the Pepsi Rolex GMT Master. This handsome timepiece set him back $6,495. With at least seven Rolex watches to his name, Mr. Craig might consider paying La Swiss Pacific in Vancouver a visit the next time he has a project there. La Swiss Pacific in Vancouver carries the same world-class Rolex watches that can be purchased in Switzerland. With the massive growth of the entertainment in the Vancouver, any and all celebrities with expensive watches can add the same Rolex watches to their collections that they could in Switzerland.

While there are plenty of celebrities with expensive watches, some have exceptionally expensive tastes. Kanye West is another well-known fan of expensive fashion and jewelry. Kanye has a personalized Tiret with his face pictured on the dial. The dial itself is gilded with gold-toned mother of pearl. This watch, at a price of $180,000, is studded with 8-carat black, yellow and white diamonds.

Leonardo Di Caprio also tops the list of celebrities with expensive watches with his Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Minute Repeater. This limited edition piece, with only 200 of them ever made, appears to be his watch of choice for public appearances. This timepiece chimes every hour with sounds produced by patented crystal gongs. Di Caprio is well-known for his taste in fashion, especially at awards shows and movie premiers, so his extravagant wristwatch displays come as no surprise to his fans.

Singer-songwriter Seal takes wristwatch extravagance to yet another level with his Richard Mille timepiece. With a value of approximately $475,000, this beautifully crafted gold watch is one of the most expensive in the world. Its meticulous craftsmanship and gorgeous design are befitting of a celebrity as stylish as Seal.

There is no evidence to suggest that celebrities will ever stop wearing expensive watches as long as they can afford them. Many celebrities like to purchase new timepieces while traveling. With the growing success of the Vancouver entertainment industry, celebrities with expensive watches may very well find themselves in this world-class city for their next projects. If they do, then they should stop by La Swiss Pacific in Vancouver. La Swiss Pacific in Vancouver has great prices on the same great Rolex watches that can be found in Switzerland.

Why Celebrities Get Divorced So Easily

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and painful experiences in a person’s lifetime. The amount of emotional stress, following the divorce can be huge and hard to understand, leaving even the most stable people feeling depressed and hopeless. The intensity of raw pain gets even worse when there are children involved. In spite of all the pain involved in a divorce, it is difficult to understand why celebrities get divorced so easily, some even breaking world records in the shortest time their marriages lasted. With their steamy scandals and litigious antics, it is considered a milestone for a celebrity couple to celebrate their 5th marriage anniversary.

celebrity-divorceCase in point: Sinead O’Connor, a popular singer filed for divorce just after 16 days in marriage, even though she later changed her mind; Kim Kardashian’s marriage with Kris Humphries lasted for just 72 days, while Katy Perry’s marriage to comedian Russell Brand ended after just 2 months. The most ugly celebrity breakup ever was in 2005 between Hollywood stars, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, filed after just 3 years of marital bliss on allegations of Sheen’s abusiveness, unfaithfulness and addiction to pornography. The divorce was finally concluded in 2006.

Pastor Reydon Stanford, a pastoral counselor for many years, came to the conclusion that many marriages fail because of one simple reason -ignorance. He thinks that many people only go to school to read, write and calculate, but do not know “how” to be married, leave alone “how” to be happily married. But this does not answer the question why celebrities get divorced so easily. Is it that they consider themselves superhuman people, or that spend days, even months on the road shooting, or that during their escapades, celebrities get to meet a seemingly endless array of hot options and suitors, making it difficult for them to focus on their marriages?

May be the public is just too harsh in judging the rich and famous, forgetting that celebrities are just normal people prone to making mistakes like any of us. But the main reason why celebrities get divorced so easily is that they get married for all the wrong reasons; after getting enticed and falling over heels for the other partner, when it is just mere infatuation, a case very common in Hollywood.

Infatuation is not love, as the case of Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson best illustrates. After taking their vows from different locations while on vacation, in what turned out to be a tumultuous wedding of some kind, Pamela, filed for divorce after just a few months, not forgetting that she had previously broken off her engagement with him. She was quoted as saying that no one should get married on a vacation, perhaps implying that she had ill advised motives in marrying the rocker in the first place.

By the nature of their job, actors, models, singers, directors, even some writers travel a lot; and knowing how the film industry works, this might just be the reason why they lack time for their families. Unlike in the past when film and movie makers flocked Hollywood mainly on account of its abundant sunshine, beautiful people and sandy beaches, California is losing out to new locations like the island of Vancouver (mainly because of the beautiful coastline), London and Wellington, New Zealand. Among the productions filming in Vancouver include: Holiday Hiatus, Arrow’s Flash Dance, started December 29th, Men of Letters, started December 28th; among many others. The World of Warcraft mega-movie adaption is expected to start filming on January 20th 2014. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie is set to begin filming in Vancouver and to hit the screens early 2015.

If one partner is a celebrity and the other is not, perhaps they can travel together, but still one partner may find it too tiring, especially with kids involved. If one partner travels a lot, the other one is deprived of sex and lacks the family emotional support that the other person provides. Even when both celebrities are married, they both have separate schedules; one is filming in Vancouver and the other is in New Zealand, or one has a concert in Paris and the other is promoting their movie in California. Adding this to the general notion that celebrities find it effortless to marry and equally effortless to divorce, makes breaking up nothing of an issue.

It is an obvious fact that celebrities have loads of money and fame; no wonder fans crazily adore them like hell. The problem is in their jobs: unlike other professions, actors get to kiss people in movies; singers get to dance with dancers on the stage. Such physical contacts can increase little crushes or create a crush. How do you explain someone falling in love moments after acting with the other person in a movie or TV series! First they do not know each other and the relationship has not grown, and the next thing you hear are wedding bells! No wonder the belief that you succeed only where you have put your time and effort. Because they have not spent good time learning about their suitors, nor are they prepared for married life and its challenges, it will obviously fail.

One very good reason why celebrities get divorced so easily is because greater temptation to cheat; plus the opportunity is always there. An actor is away filming in Vancouver for several months, and the spouse hundreds of miles away. The other characters are very attractive, and it doesn’t help when the roles are nearly or wholly body explicit. Someone who has not seen intimacy for several months will be tempted to seek the affection of their co-worker and a steamy relationship develops.

Negative media publicity and unethical reporting does not help either. Celebrities live under a microscope, always followed by the media. Steamy romances among Hollywood stars makes for good headlines and sells. One actor is caught hugging another actor celebrity of the opposite sex and the paparazzi send the shots or video viral. This ends up causing tension and conflict for the married celebrities.

It is very easy to think that the grass is greener on the other side and so you want to jump. But even the best and strongest relationships have their struggles. With these added pressures and challenges, it easy to see why celebrities get divorced so easily.

Overview Of Vancouver Filming of The Xfiles

The long running show Xfiles drew in a surprisingly large audience during its television run during the 1990s. It proved to be a commercial and critical success on many levels, setting a new standard for how television shows would be produced. But many people would be surprised to learn that the show got its start by filming in the Vancouver area. In fact, the filming of the show would help Vancouver to grow to its status as a hotspot for studio film productions. It may be interesting for fans to take a look at how Xfiles got its start in this surprising location.

Many fans will likely know that Chris Carter developed the concept for the show in the early 1990s. He was not able to find a place for filming in the Los Angeles area, so he filmed his own company that was named Ten Thirteen Productions. This company found a home in the Vancouver area, which offered a unique setting for the start of the show. The dense forests and foggy settings proved to be the perfect location for many early episodes of the television series. Xfiles would ultimately film its first 5 seasons right in the Vancouver area, providing the series with some of its most iconic settings.

The Vancouver area did ultimately prove to be successful for the series, since it quickly become one of the most popular on television. After an initial run of five seasons being produced in Vancouver, the crew would eventually move down to Los Angeles to conclude the last few seasons of the series. But the area did provide the series with a distinctive look and many fans noted a change in art direction when the series moved South. The film crew would ultimately return to the Vancouver area when they produced the second film of the Xfiles series. X-Files: I Want To Believe was also filmed in Vancouver, providing a fitting conclusion for the area that had brought in fame for the series.

Many production companies are already turning to Vancouver to produce a wide variety of media series. But Xfiles demonstrated that the this city is the perfect spot to film Sci-Fi or Horror elements for the show. Some producers may want to check out how they can get linked up with support for shooting in the area. The Stanley Park area is providing people with all the support they need to create some truly impressive scenes for films and television series. This location has cultivated a reputation for offering producers a unique location and a great chance to work with an experienced team.

Ultimately, there is much to be said for choosing Vancouver as a prime destination for filming different types of media projects. It is often considered to be a more affordable option for producers to consider, which is often appealing for anyone working with a tight budget. The city itself will be very supportive for any project that is set to unfold in the area as well. This will create a unique opportunity for producers who want to generate the best possible product for their next release.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle In Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, British Columbia is home to more than five-hundred-thousand people, making it one of the largest cities within the country of Canada. Vancouver, Canada has always been rich in Hockey, with it being home to the Vancouver Canucks, who prominently stomp the Chicago Blackhawks nearly every year.

skiing-in-vancouverHockey is not the only thing that Vancouver is known for; they are also home to soccer, football, tennis, basketball, golf and even baseball. Along with having a profoundly amazing sporting background, Vancouver is said to be the only city in the world where you can go snowboarding and golfing all on the same day, in the same place.

For those who enjoy playing a relaxing game of golf, the Vancouver Golf Club is the happening hot spot to be. Not only does the golf club promote good golfing, it also promotes friendly relationships, and long lasting memories. It caters to weddings, as well as celebrating its one-hundredth anniversary in 2010.

If golf if not really the sport for you, travel on down to the Vancouver Pacific Swim Club and take a few whirls around the pool, with some of the best swimmer’s in British Columbia, please note that assessments are required to see what level you are on prior to admittance in the pool. By far one of the best places in Vancouver that promotes a healthy lifestyle would be the Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness Centre located on Kingsway in British Columbia. The fitness centre offers a variety of fitness options for both men and women, such as a weight loss and nutrition program, stretching classes, aerobics, weight training, light workout equipment such as treadmills and more. Joining the club allows the club member access to a personal trainer, which can provide them with more fitness appropriate exercises for their lifestyle and ability.

While Club16 focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are other places around Vancouver that promote the same thing. The British Columbia Aerobic Gymnastics program is considered to be one of the best in the country, for they have made it to the Olympics and other types of national championships. Aerobic gymnastics focuses on physical training for the general public starting with customers as young as five years old, but they also focus on top notch competitive gymnastics, and building champions.

Allowing children to participate as young as five years of age promotes healthy lifestyles within children, but also helps their parents develop ways to promote healthy lifestyles within their own lives, while allowing their children the opportunity to do something more with their lives.

It is safe to say that Vancouver has its fair share of activities that makes living a healthy lifestyle in Vancouver achievable, but it is still ultimately the will power of the person that will determine if they are truly able to live a healthy lifestyle. With the country being rich in sports, as well as culinary arts, learning to balance the two will prove how much determination Canadians really have when it comes down to their health.

Hollywood Is Moving North

set-in-vancouverEverything that we expect to see in warm, sunny, beautiful California is now being seen up north. Vancouver, B.C. is being called Hollywood North, and the nickname fits. This chilly northern city has stars, studios, and fans, everything that the original Hollywood has.

Vancouver’s Hollywood:

A little known fact about Vancouver is that for over a hundred years, film makers have been making movies here. It is actually the third largest city in the film industry right behind New York City and Los Angeles. The first films were produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company, and by 1977 a film development office had been established.

With major and independent movie studios releasing over 240 motion picture films in 2010, making it third in movie production centers. Vancouver also has it’s own iconic Hollywood theater dating from the 1930′s. Like the famous theater in the other Hollywood, Vancouver’s Kitsilano’s Hollywood Theater is a testament to the glamor and excitement of the golden age of Hollywood.

North Hollywood Today:

With a little over one billion dollars annually flooding Vancouver’s local economy from the film industry, it is easy to see why Vancouver has it’s own Hollywood. Ideally located, it is a short two hour flight from Hollywood, California to Vancouver, and is situated in beautiful British Columbia. Several iconic movies were filmed in Vancouver including Rambo: First Blood and Twilight: New Moon. While both of these movies featured landmark Vancouver buildings, it was the panoramic outdoor scenes that captured movie goers attentions. Both of these movies were partially filmed in Vancouver’s beautiful Stanley Park.

Vancouver’s climate is also ideal for year round filming. Some films taking advantage of the North Hollywood weather include Juno and X-Men: Last Stand.

It would not be Hollywood without the stars, and surprisingly North Hollywood is perfect for star gazing. With a thriving film industry and only hours from California, movie stars are flocking to the Vancouver sets. Star gazing is actually nothing new, celebrity gossip has even famously included Gary Cooper, who rode a street cleaner back to his hotel. Visitors can enjoy lunch at one of the area’s chic cafes, and maybe catch a glimpse of Robin Williams or Ben Affleck. Rub shoulders with Uma Thurman in one of the elegant boutiques, all the glamor of Hollywood is here in Vancouver.

Tours of the Stars are another Hollywood staple, and there are plenty of sights to tour in Vancouver. Stroll through the same scenic park in which Rambo went slightly crazy, see the Vancouver Art Gallery and stand with the X-Men. Several scenes from the movie X-Men: Last Stand were shot here. Other famous landmarks to tour include Granville Island and Jericho Beach.

Vancouver is proud to claim it’s own version of Hollywood. With a thriving film industry, it is easy to see why this is the North Hollywood. With it’s own iconic Hollywood theater, plenty of stars and all of the shops and restaurants that make Hollywood fabulous, North Hollywood will continue to draw visitors and stars for years to come.

Filming in Humid Vancouver and your Skin

vancouver-is-rainyThere are a few different elements people should consider when they want to undertake filming in Vancouver. Some film crews may find that there are some surprising challenges that they could face when they set up filming here. It will also be important for many of the different stars on set to just keep track of these challenges as well. This will be a vital consideration for them to keep in mind, because they may not be able to otherwise cope with these challenges. Everyone one on staff should be fully prepared for what they might face while filming in Vancouver.

First, most people should become acutely aware of some of the local climate conditions that they may be facing in the city. Since it is a northern city, it will tend to have a few dramatic swings in temperature. During the winter months, the area will get somewhat cold. This means that many people will want to find a way that they can customize their hair and makeup work to suit the local climate. What works in the Los Angeles area may not be so effective in Vancouver. The team may want to hire on some professionals who can help them cope with some of these different changes.

It will also be important for film crews to prepare for some of the dense fog and humidity that occurs here. This is more prevalent during the summer months, when temperatures can get to surprisingly high levels. Some people will want to check out how they can actually get linked up with the right options for clothing and hair that will suit the local climate. There are a few different choices that people can make when they are adjusting their wardrobes. This will help people determine whether they are getting the look that they want to see in this all new climate.

There are also quite a few surprising challenges that may actually take some film crews off guard as they go forward.  Hairstyles used in films can be affected by the wet weather. At least, there will be less risk compared the a tropical place that may cause dry skin and even skin moles. Click here for more information on why some stars hate to deal with skin conditions that can destroy their fragile careers.  Nevertheless, producers and film crews should collaborate to make sure that stars on set will get protection against the humid and wet weather that occurs in Vancouver, especially in North Vancouver.