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Living A Healthy Lifestyle In Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, British Columbia is home to more than five-hundred-thousand people, making it one of the largest cities within the country of Canada. Vancouver, Canada has always been rich in Hockey, with it being home to the Vancouver Canucks, who prominently stomp the Chicago Blackhawks nearly every year.

skiing-in-vancouverHockey is not the only thing that Vancouver is known for; they are also home to soccer, football, tennis, basketball, golf and even baseball. Along with having a profoundly amazing sporting background, Vancouver is said to be the only city in the world where you can go snowboarding and golfing all on the same day, in the same place.

For those who enjoy playing a relaxing game of golf, the Vancouver Golf Club is the happening hot spot to be. Not only does the golf club promote good golfing, it also promotes friendly relationships, and long lasting memories. It caters to weddings, as well as celebrating its one-hundredth anniversary in 2010.

If golf if not really the sport for you, travel on down to the Vancouver Pacific Swim Club and take a few whirls around the pool, with some of the best swimmer’s in British Columbia, please note that assessments are required to see what level you are on prior to admittance in the pool. By far one of the best places in Vancouver that promotes a healthy lifestyle would be the Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness Centre located on Kingsway in British Columbia. The fitness centre offers a variety of fitness options for both men and women, such as a weight loss and nutrition program, stretching classes, aerobics, weight training, light workout equipment such as treadmills and more. Joining the club allows the club member access to a personal trainer, which can provide them with more fitness appropriate exercises for their lifestyle and ability.

While Club16 focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are other places around Vancouver that promote the same thing. The British Columbia Aerobic Gymnastics program is considered to be one of the best in the country, for they have made it to the Olympics and other types of national championships. Aerobic gymnastics focuses on physical training for the general public starting with customers as young as five years old, but they also focus on top notch competitive gymnastics, and building champions.

Allowing children to participate as young as five years of age promotes healthy lifestyles within children, but also helps their parents develop ways to promote healthy lifestyles within their own lives, while allowing their children the opportunity to do something more with their lives.

It is safe to say that Vancouver has its fair share of activities that makes living a healthy lifestyle in Vancouver achievable, but it is still ultimately the will power of the person that will determine if they are truly able to live a healthy lifestyle. With the country being rich in sports, as well as culinary arts, learning to balance the two will prove how much determination Canadians really have when it comes down to their health.

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  1. Yup! Vancouver is definitely a great place to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I recently got into golf (UBC) and after a round of putting, I worked up quite sweat. Golf is now officially a sport in my book ;). Thanks for sharing!

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